Amorphous solar panels

Not quite as efficient as the crystalline solar panels but amorphous solar panels are still great for cheap Solar charging in bright sunshine, grab one whilst we still have them available as all our amorphous solar panel range is now being discontinued.

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12 Volt charging Amorphous glass solar panel measuring approx 330 x 230 mm or 13 x 9 inches with an output of approx 3.5 to 4 watts,ideal for cheap maintenance trickle charging of car,caravan and boat batteries, these are supplied unwired, copper solder tags are provided on the rear so you can solder on your own wiring,they come complete with blocking diode which must be soldered into the positive cable if the panel is to be permanently connected to the battery to prevent battery discharge, price includes vat and uk delivery.
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Amorphous glass solar panel with an output of approx 5 watts,these measure approx 330 x 330mm and are ideal for trickle charging 12v batteries,price includes vat and uk delivery.
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Retail boxed 6 watt solar panel manufactured by ICP,suitable for all 12v battery battery charging requirement,price includes vat and uk delivery.
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Amorphous 12watt framed solar panel for 12v battery charging,these measure approx 330mm x 760mm and are perfect for use with leisure batteries in caravans and motorhomes,they come complete with a length of cable attached and diode protection so they cant drain your battery,price includes vat and delivery.*FREE PAIR OF CROCODILE CLIPS AND CHARGE CONTROLLER CURRENTLY AVAILABLE WITH THESE PANELS*
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