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Cigarette lighter plug to double cigarette lighter socket enabling two devices to be run at a time,cable length is approx 1 metre,the device has a a power on led,socket covers and is fuse protected,price includes vat and delivery
£6.95 *
Cigarette lighter plug to cigarette lighter socket coiled extension lead extending to 3 metres,maximum current is 5amps,fuse protected,price includes vat and delivery.
£6.95 *
Cigarette lighter plug adaptor rated at 5 amps max current with led,great for connecting 12v devices and solar panels directly to cig lighter sockets in cars,boats,caravans,etc,price includes vat and delivery.
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Pack of 5 sets of tamiya type connectors,male and female,ideal for uses where a quick on/off battery connector is required,price includes vat and delivery.
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Crocodile Clip Test Leads x 10 (2 each of 5 assorted colours) with plastic insulated miniature crocodile clips at each end,these Crocodile Clip Test Leads measure approx 50cm and their max current is 0.5A,Crocodile Clip Test Leads are ideal for testing solar panels,leds,motors,etc,price includes vat and delivery
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Large crocodile clips for directly connecting 12volt devices including solar panels to your battery,price includes vat and delivery.
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2 x Small solderable croc clips with red & black sheath,ideal for use connecting up solar panels to small batteries etc,price includes vat and uk p&p.
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