Low Voltage Electric Fence Energisers

Low voltage electric fence energisers,we stock Kemo electric fence energisers and Edge electric fence energisers, sometimes referred to as electric fencers our electric fence energisers are suitable for small animal control,our electric fence energisers are low voltage electric fence energisers meaning they can be powered with either a 12v dc power supply or a 12v battery if its for use in a remote location, they also have a very low power consumption meaning an average sized car battery will last for weeks or months even if you connect a 12v solar panel to the battery !

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Kemo 12V Electric fence Energiser for connecting to fencing wire up to 100m in length to create an electric fence,these electric fence energisers produce a pulsating high tension voltage of approx 1000 volts,enough to make most small animals move away in a hurry ! Current consumption is very low at around 40 milliamps meaning a charged 12volt battery in good condition should be able to run it for weeks,or connect one of our 5watt crystalline solar panels to the battery and you shouldnt have to charge it for months on end, price includes vat and uk delivery,NB: These Electric Fence Energisers are not suitable for large animals such as Horses or cattle and will require wiring and crocodile clips added to connect to your fence and battery.

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Small but powerful 6v to 12v electric fence energiser for powering electric fencing either to keep small animals in or to keep them out, popular uses include protection of chicken runs and bantam enclosures though they are also great for dettering small animals such as cats and dogs from specific areas such as vegetable plots,allotments,garden borders and ponds,when used with a 12v battery these electric fence energisers will produce impulses of approx 1500volts,their current consumption however is incredibly small,typically less than 15 milliamps,with such a low current consumption its possible to run one of these from a small 12v 7ah battery for at least a couple of weeks before it will need recharging,a large car or leisure battery will of course last much much longer,by connecting a small 12v solar panel such as one of the 2watt or 3watt models in our store to the battery its very likely that the battery wont ever need to be recharged by a mains battery charger again,these energisers come complete with fused wiring harness with large battery clips for easy battery connection a mounting clip and full instructions, you just need to add a battery,fence wire,insulators,warning sign and an earth stake,please note these energisers need good insulation so insulators are a necessity,price includes uk vat and delivery
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