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S12 Medium torque DC electric motors with an operating range of 1.5 to 3V, ideal for educational and modelling applications,these dc electric motors work very well with our 2V150ma solar panels and can also be used with our range of small propellors and impellors to make model airplanes,boats,mini wind turbines,fans etc, Rotation clockwise (shaft end view),Tech Specs are - Dimensions: L: 25 (excluding shaft) x 21mm dia. Shaft length 8.1x 2.0 dia. Weight 19g approx. Nominal voltage: 3.0V Operating range: 1.5-3.0V No load speed: 14700 RPM No load current: 0.3A Speed at max. efficiency: 11524 RPM Current at max. efficiency:1.05A Torque: 14.1g-cm Stall torque: 65g-cm Output: 1.65W ,price for these dc electric motors includes vat and uk delivery,
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