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3V 25MA FLEXIBLE SOLAR PANEL Powerfilm 3v 25mah flexible solar panels,these amazing panels or solar powerfilms for the correct term are virtually unbreakable, each flexible solar panel is capable of over 3 Volts 25 ma,Size is 114 x 25mm (4.5 x 1 inches) making them absolutely perfect for applications where weight and size is an issue,weight is an incredible 1 gram so you will never get another panel lighter, hence why they are very popular with model airplane enthusiasts as they are great for extending flight time, they easily conform to curved surfaces and are made of non-breakable materials for safety and durability,as these flexible solar panels are plastic encapsulated they can be used indoors or outdoors, ideal for solar powered models,led lighting etc etc, 5 or 6 connected in series (black to red)will even make a low powered 12 volt charger,add more sets for more power if required,a reverse current protection diode is supplied with 2 or more panels,just connect it in the positive output to your b attery with the thin line on the end facing the direction of flow to the battery to ensure there is no battery drain at nights,connection is by soldering through the solar panels plastic encapsulation to the two copper end tabs and is very easy,price includes vat and delivery throughout the uk.
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