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12v charging 15 Watt solar panel,ideal for use with caravans, boats,motorhomes etc these alloy framed 12v 15 watt Monocrystalline solar panels are supplied diode protected with approx 5 metres of bare ended cabling,a 12v 15 watt solar panel is capable of putting up to around 8 - 9 amps back into your battery per day in bright sunshine so is suitable for most 12v charging requirements though a charge controller is recommended if the panel is to be permanently installed and the battery isnt going to be used very often,12v 15watt solar panels weigh approx 1.5kg and their dimensions are 285mm x 420mm x18mm,hey are a very good solar panel for year round charging,mounting holes are predrilled in the frame on the rear of these solar panels for easy installation if required, price includes vat and uk delivery.*FREE PAIR OF CROCODILE CLIPS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE WITH THESE SOLAR PANELS*

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