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New compact monocrystalline 24v solar panel with an output rating of 15 watts,ideal for use with trucks,boats,mobility scooters etc, no charge controller required,these panels are supplied with 5metres of bare ended cabling and are diode protected so they cant discharge your battery at night, weight is less than 2kg each and they measure approx 285mm x 4455mm X 18mm they are suitable for most 24v charging requirements and their size makes them ideal for portable applications also,these are 72 cell panels so they will continue to emit a charge in cloudy weather also,they are constructed using toughened glass and aluminium framing with rubber sealing making them very resilient,fully waterproof and ready for all scenarios,a nice quality 24v 15watt solar panel for keeping 24v batteries maintained year round,holes are provided in the rear framing for an easy permanent installation if required,further panels can be added in parallel if more power is required price includes delivery.

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