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Small Monocrystalline 6volt solar panels with a current output of 50milliamps, ideal for replacing solar panels in garden lights,the higher voltage these produce will help greatly with winter charging, they can also be used for making small solar powered models, solar battery chargers or led lighting systems and can be used for charging small nicad/nimh battery packs from 2.4v up to 4.8v,at just 68 x 68mm they are also a great size for making a nice cheap solar charger for your mobile phone which is a popular cheap project to do, you just need to attach the correct connector for your phone,these solar panels are fitted with 100mm of cabling for easy connection to your device or battery pack and come complete with blocking diode which must be used if the solar panel is to be left connected to the battery pack overnight,like all solar panels they can be joined in series or parallel if higher voltages/currents are required,price includes uk delivery.

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