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This solid state charge controller is suitable for both wet-cell and sealed lead-acid batteries and uses Pulse Width Modulation for optimal charging. The module is compatible with all types of solar arrays and is potted in epoxy resin making it splash proof and suitable for use in areas of high humidity. The charger features a night load output which will automatically connect the load during the evening and disconnect the load during the day,ideal if you require to run 12v lighting at night or for other devices used at night up to 6 amps,Reverse current flowing through the solar array is automatically blocked in this unit which removes the requirement for a separate blocking diode. Specifications: * Max input voltage 26VDC * Max input current 6 amps * Battery system voltage 12VDC * Rated charging current 6 amps * Load voltage 12VDC * Rated load current 6 amps * SLA charging voltage 14.3VDC +- 0.1 volt * Wet cell charging voltage 14.8VDC +- 0.1 volt * Night output switched on when solar panel voltage is less than 3.5v and turned off in the morning when the solar panel voltage is over 5v * price includes vat and uk delivery.CURRENTLY ON PROMOTION
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