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Solar Led wall vent,ideal for helping to ventilate conservatories,bathrooms,kitchens,sheds,garages,stables etc,fitted with an integral flyscreen these decorative waterproof solar powered wall vents measure approx 160mm x 160mm and are used in place of a standard exterior wall vent,they can be used with a standard sliding flat type wall vent fitted to the interior wall if you wish to close the vent during cold winter months,the rear aperture size on these particular solar vents is 100mm meaning you will need to make a hole slightly larger than this to fit it to your wall,4 screwholes are provided on the rear of the unit to screw it directly to your wall once you have made the hole,these solar vents are supplied with a single high capacity 2900ma rechargeable AA Nimh battery which powers the twin ultrabright leds,working much the same way as most solar garden lights the twin ultrabright white leds will illuminate the clear ring around the solar vents opening when it starts to get dark and turn off automatically at around dawn,the fitted solar panel will then start to charge the hipower AA battery back up again(must be fitted in a sunny position),these solar vents make a really nice welcome addition to a hot conservatory or porch and look great when viewed from the outside,especially at night ! Please note these are only decorative passive wall vents though,they do not have a fitted fan though it should be possible to use one with one of our solar powered fan kits if you fit the fan to the inside wall or inside the vent hole ,price includes vat and Uk delivery *SAVE £5 CURRENTLY ON SPECIAL OFFER*
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